Welcome to my store site!

After owning a retail store for 23 years, I had one problem: I couldn't keep stock in the store. Shipments would sell out the same day they arrived. So something just had to be done.

I came up with the idea of moving my store and opening up a "warehouse" type location where I could have event sales which allow me to do more interior design work or simply stay home and "sip" some tea if I so desired. Speaking of interior design, I love mixing the old with the new. Contact me today for ideas on your next project!

I'm open on occasion during the week, and will post each day I'm open on this page (always look at the phone booth sign). Event sales will be posted on the Next Event page. I enjoy this new way of doing business with my customers and hope you'll become a customer soon. Once you do, you'll understand why my items sell quickly. Great prices, great pieces, and I never sell anything that I wouldn't have in my own home. I love my customers like they are family and friends. I hope to see you soon!

Bring a little bit of English into your home, and you'll understand the English way of life.

We always have great items for sale at our Ebay store!
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